Brunch meet your maker. Charlotte's Pure Pizza does it up right.

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Top Nosh Sunday Brunch That's Not To Be Missed in Charlotte!



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Cooking up delicious!

Brunch meet your maker. Charlotte's Pure Pizza does it up right.

When we asked locals where to head for a casual Sunday Brunch we heard one name over and over: Pure Pizza. Okay, so the idea of having a great Sunday Brunch in a place with Pizza in its name threw me off. But only momentarily because not only were the local reviews fantastic, the photos posted online were all drool worthy. So we set off for Pure Pizza with an empty stomach and an open mind. What we found didn't disappoint :)

The atmosphere: Homey in a bright, upbeat way with splashes of lime against worn pine. If eclectic wasn't such an overused word I'd say eclectic. There, I just said eclectic, making it even more overused (sorry).

The welcome: Let's just say we felt incredibly welcome from the moment we stepped in the door. If it's okay to not only use an overused word like eclectic, I'm also going to use the rather groovy phrase of "great vibe and good karma". We hit it off with each of the servers and the chef who came to our table, gave us a great lowdown on what makes Pure Pizza different (locally sourced, passionate chefs, a group of 5 owners, fabulous team, loyal local diners). We swapped stories about our roadtrip and how we were becoming experts at dodging Irma.

The main event: The Brunch: The waffles are the star of the Brunch show here and they arrived at our table festooned with all the trimmings. While I dug into a freshly made waffle topped with the signature Pure Pizza huevo ranchero, our intern went full on sweet tooth with a waffle draped in pecans, syrup and candied bacon. It's okay if you're drooling a little right now, they were both as fantastic as they sound. Before we got our waffles we went with the brussels sprouts appetizer which didn't disappoint. Crisp brussels sprouts mixed with bacon and a surprise touch of parmesan. I could have stopped right there and been satisfied!

The bonus: As Canadians we veer pretty far north of grits and knowing this, the team at Pure Pizza decided to try to change our minds on the subject. They served us a bowl of hot grits topped with pimento cheese. The grits looked great and to this northern tongue they tasted just like oatmeal made with corn. I can't say that I'm a grits convert, but if you're a grits kind of foodie, I'm sure these will top your list.

The locals: We met the most charming older couple at Pure Pizza. These two have made the team at Pure Pizza their honorary grandkids and the Sunday Brunch their weekly ritual. While the gentleman orders the same each Sunday his adventuring wife adventures into something new each week. On this Sunday she went with the weekly pizza topped with arugula and from the satisfied oohs and ahhs coming from her table, she was clearly happy with her choice. Hugs were exchanged at the end of the meal which was a fitting send off from such a special place!

Bottom Line: Sitting at Pure Pizza enjoying brunch did make us feel like locals. The vibe was authentic and the welcome was warm. I can't think of a better place to call home, even if it was for only an hour on a whirlwind roadtrip through the Carolinas.

Sharon Ricci, Editor, Influence Magazines

We didn't get to check out Pure Pizza at the ultra cool 7th Street Market (next time) but the video below gives you a peek and introduces you to the chefs!

The Quick 411

Pure Pizza

What we put into our bodies is so important and that is what we get really excited about…about being a part of your lifestyle. Juli Metcalf Ghazi – Owner

At the very heart of it

What we put into our bodies is so important and that is what we get really excited about…about being a part of your lifestyle. Juli Metcalf Ghazi – Owner

If the business was a movie

Belief in a few words

A cool Sunday Brunch place with amazing food, fantastic service and a super positive vibe!

5 stand out characteristics

Great location in a hip but not so hip location that you feel out of place without a man bun
Instagram worthy homey decor
Real welcome that's authentic and personal
A DJ taking requests and spinning tunes to kick your Sunday into high gear
The Brunch! Waffles sweet or savory are the star of the show.

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