Building an app that's a safe haven. Meet Michael Arevalo.

Entrepreneur, Motivator, Founder Reach Anonymous
What caught our eye?
Reach Anonymous, Stryke Media



I was always a peacemaker. No matter how negative a situation was, I would try and find a solution. There were times that I got robbed while walking in my old neighborhood, put in negative scenarios, and grew up feeling unable to tell anyone anything. I wanted everyone to have a safe haven, that is Reach Anonymous.

Lesson Learned

Loneliness is a key to any entrepreneurs success. The more you surround yourself with individuals who do not have your best interest at hand, the more you will not become who you are meant to be. Cut out the fat in your immediate circle in order to build your foundation.

Magic Moment

My magic moment was developing a relationship with Chris Smith and Jr Smith. They have been key contributors to the app's success to this point. They are strong positive advocates for mental therapy and changing the world by offering a helping hand.


Super growth marketing

Building an app that's a safe haven. Meet Michael Arevalo.


New York, New York, USA


New York, New York, USA



Work Motto: 

Don't fear failing, fear not trying

Something you're doing now that would surprise your 20 year old self: 

Helping many people with their personal issues in life. I created a platform for people to come and anonymously share their issues they cannot share with others.

Your favorite part of the work day?

Lunch Time

The Quick 411

Reach Anonymous, Stryke Media

A place for people to come and discuss their personal problems with one another.

At the very heart of it

A place for people to come and discuss their personal problems with one another.

If the business was a movie

Quest (The Lord of the Rings)

Belief in a few words

Reach is an anonymous platform for people to come and talk about personal issues they cannot normally share with friends and family. Build a rolodex of friends who are willing to lend you help when you are feeling down. We offer a free messaging service with the ability to call for free through us.

5 stand out characteristics

Thrill Seeker
Risk taker
I had a realization that people need a platform for all their negativity.
I did not know how to code. I hired a developer to work on my project while learning the ins and outs of coding
I grew up in an area that wasn't favorable for success. I have that to always thank for my natural hustle and grind.
Cut off individuals who hindered my ability to succeed.
My future. I want to be able to have a steady future and start a family. It pushes me to succeed daily.

Important Partners That Helped Along the Way

Getting More Story Behind the Story


You share your lessons learned so others can avoid those mistakes

What Michael does for fun:

Basketball and napping

Jeans or Khakis? 


Watch or play sports?

Play sports

Coffee, beer or wine? 


Feet up on the desk or flat on the floor? 

Feet up

Vacation close to home or across the world? 

Across the world

Beach or ski resort? 


Plane, train, ship or automobile? 


His weekend: Plan every moment or wing it? 

Definitely wing it

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