A Marine. a survivor. Manny Gonzalez lived to inspire.

Manny Gonzalez, Empowerment Expert
What caught our eye?
Surviving The Burns, LLC
Principal Owner



I believe I was kept here for a reason. The sense of pride and accomplishment I get when I am able to connect with an audience and inspire them to realize their full potential or that life is not as bad as it may seem to be that moment, reaffirms my belief that I am here to serve others.

Lesson Learned

Magic Moment



A Marine. a survivor. Manny Gonzalez lived to inspire.

Industry: Lifestyle

Scouted For: Building confidence and self-awareness

Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois USA

Websites: www.survivingtheburns.com


San Juan, Puerto Rico


Arlington Heights, Illinois USA


Wife and kids

Highest Honor Received: 

Recognized for my actions the day I was burned

Work Motto: 

If you make an impact in one person, you have succeeded

Something you're doing now that would surprise your 20 year old self: 

Speaking to large audiences to help motivate and inspire

Your favorite part of the business day: 

Working with individuals who need that right motivation to move forward in life

The Quick 411

Surviving The Burns, LLC

Empowerment Coaching and Strategic Planning

At the very heart of it

Empowerment Coaching and Strategic Planning

If the business was a movie

Rebirth (It's a Wonderful Life)

Belief in a few words

1-on-1 access to develop a life plan to help you reach your goals

5 stand out characteristics

Serving in the Marine Corps
Suffering 80% burns to my body and almost dying
Being a counselor at a children's burn camp
Serving my fellow Veterans
Being told that my story of overcoming adversity, inspired others to strive for their goals and help others

Important Partners That Helped Along the Way

Getting More Story Behind the Story


You challenge norms and uncover new paths for people

What I do for fun!

Volunteering, discovering new restaurants and cafe's, enjoying old favorite restaurant and cafes and relaxing with the family.

Jeans or Khakis? 


Watch or play sports?


Coffee, beer or wine? 

Umm, all 3?!

Feet up on the desk or flat on the floor? 

Flat on the floor 

Vacation close to home or across the world? 

Across the world

Beach or ski resort? 


Plane, train, ship or automobile? 


Your weekend: Plan every moment or wing it? 

Plan every moment

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