Living the dream. Kevin Ciccotti shows you the way.

Kevin Ciccotti, Certified Professional Coach, Speaker, Trainer.
Company Name
Human Factor Formula, Inc.



I believe that people have more greatness, creativity, and potential within them than they realize, and my purpose in life is to help them connect with and activate that thing.

Lesson Learned

One of the hardest lessons to learn was that I cannot serve everyone. Specificity is king.

Magic Moment

Booking my first long-term coaching contract was huge and gave a much-needed confidence boost!


Living the dream. Kevin Ciccotti shows you the way.

Industry: Coaching

Scouted For: Developing your leadership skills

Location: Reno, Nevada



Scranton, Pennsylvania USA


Reno, Nevada USA


Wife, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, furkids and crazy friends

Highest Honor Received: 

President, Nevada Professional Coaches Association

Work Motto: 

Be relentless in pursuing what you love

Something you're doing now that would surprise your 20 year old self: 

Speaking to audiences around the world!

Your favorite part of the business day: 

Hard to say, I love what I do so much that the whole day tends to be amazing!

Human Factor Formula, Inc.

1:1 Coaching, Keynote Speaking, Workshops/Training

Core Offering

1:1 Coaching, Keynote Speaking, Workshops/Training

If the business was a movie

Rocky (Get knocked down, keep getting up!)

Elevator Pitch

I help clients decode their human operating system so they can reach their full potential.

Key Strengths

First corporate contract
Working with visionary leaders in the coaching profession
Selling out my first global learning event via webinar
Speaking on stage in Ankara
Turkey for an international leadership summit

Important Partners That Helped Along the Way

Getting More Story Behind the Story


You push people to think better think deeper and differently

What I do for fun!

Golf, reading, listening to music and relaxing with the family.

Jeans or Khakis? 


Watch or play sports?


Coffee, beer or wine? 

Do I have to choose??? All 3!

Feet up on the desk or flat on the floor? 

Flat on the floor

Vacation close to home or across the world? 

Across the world - preferably at a beach

Beach or ski resort? 


Plane, train, ship or automobile? 


Your weekend: Plan every moment or wing it? 

Wing it

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