Want a powerful connection to success? Meet Jennifer.

President of Performance & Engagement Consulting, Founder of Success GPS
Company Name
Performance & Engagement Consulting



I believe we are all here for a reason. Each of us have a unique offering and passion. Realizing this helps eliminate waste and helps us find our unique gifts and focus on the path to or greatest impact and then effectively passing it on to the next generation so they can take what we did and take it to the next level.

Lesson Learned

Business, no matter how important, will never take precedence over healthy family outcome and legacy

Magic Moment

When I was contacted by the largest and best online marketing company and asked to speak for them


Want a powerful connection to success? Meet Jennifer.

Industry: Consulting

Scouted For: Creating impact and results

Location: Reno, Nevada USA

Websites: Performanceengagementconsulting.com


Reno, Nevada USA


Reno, Nevada USA


Kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, furkids and crazy friends

Highest Honor Received: 

Greatest Mother in the World (several times)

Work Motto: 

If it's in your face it's your responsibility!

Something you're doing now that would surprise your 20 year old self: 

Everything. I knew my purpose was to do something huge and impactful but had no idea what it was.

Your favorite part of the business day: 

The pivotal moment when you see the success gears click into place for my clients.

Performance & Engagement Consulting

I teach, coach, and create results

Core Offering

I teach, coach, and create results

If the business was a movie

Rebirth (It's a Wonderful Life)

Elevator Pitch

Key Strengths

Retired from Corporate Executive position - life pivot
Being recognized as an authority and expert in my field by the best software company in the world
Curiosity - Never stop thinking for yourself and wondering what you can do better
Asking for mentorship
Invited to write "The Road To Success"

Important Partners That Helped Along the Way

Getting More Story Behind the Story


You push people to think better think deeper and differently

What I do for fun!

Listening to music, volunteering, golf with friends and hanging out with my kids and friends.

Jeans or Khakis? 

Neither! I prefer cute, sexy dresses!

Watch or play sports?

I love all athletics

Coffee, beer or wine? 


Feet up on the desk or flat on the floor? 

Curled up somehow, or sitting crosslegged on the floor

Vacation close to home or across the world? 

Anywhere. Even if it is a mental moment vacation!

Beach or ski resort? 

Beach resort

Plane, train, ship or automobile? 

Any, I just 'gotta go!'

Your weekend: Plan every moment or wing it? 

Wing it mostly

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