The Queen of the Follow-Up: How to stop giving up.

Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist
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The follow up specialist



I started my career in sales agencies just as computers were being integrated and before the internet launched creating massive change in go to market strategies. As a result I had an opportunity to unleash my love of technology and become an early adopter of digital.

Lesson Learned

Relax, breath, go for a walk - it'll pass and I'll return to win on another day.

Magic Moment

When I stepped into community to access my allies.


Motivating enthusiasm

The Queen of the Follow-Up: How to stop giving up.


Montreal, Quebec


Oakville, Ontario


Furkids, Crazy friends, Husband, Nieces nephews, Crazy friends

Work Motto: 

Prepare for tomorrow - Activate your resources to overcome obstacles

Something you're doing now that would surprise your 20 year old self: 

Building an international company

The Quick 411

Kickstart Your Company | Executive Sales Support

Simplify follow up to maximize the sales potential buried in your list

At the very heart of it

Simplify follow up to maximize the sales potential buried in your list

If the business was a movie

Journey and Return (Wizard of Oz)

Belief in a few words

Don’t leave cash sitting in stacks of business cards, buried in your database or overlooked on a social business network. Develop a systematic approach to follow up that keeps you connected to the 5th – 12th contact were 80% of sales are WON!

5 stand out characteristics

Visualizing possibilities
Becoming a single parent
Understanding that preparation leads to success - Things don't just happen by coincidence
Integrating an acquisition into an existing company
Developing training programs
Corporate consulting

Important Partners That Helped Along the Way

Getting More Story Behind the Story


You're a powerful broker of information and contacts

Jeans or Khakis? 


Watch or play sports?


Coffee, beer or wine? 


Feet up on the desk or flat on the floor? 

Feet on the ground

Vacation close to home or across the world? 

Variety in travel is the spice of life

Beach or ski resort? 

Walk the beach to find a treasure and renew the spiritual connection from which comes strength

Plane, train, ship or automobile? 


Your weekend: Plan every moment or wing it? 

Some of both

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