Waiting out Hurricane Irma, we discovered Atlanta, GA

What caught our eye?
The Westin Peachtree, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Great BBQ!



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Waiting out Hurricane Irma, we discovered Atlanta, GA

I remember a few years ago flying from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Buffalo with a stopover in Atlanta. As we were landing I was marveling at the greenscape below me and asked my seatmate what state park we were flying over. His answer? "Oh, that's Atlanta, one of the greenest cities in the States". I never forgot that and made a note to put Atlanta on my bucket list of cities to explore.

That's why when Hurricane Irma sidetracked me and our internship team we set our sights on a night or two in Atlanta, Georgia. This re-routing, although unexpected was a welcome chance to discover the city that some consider to be the gem of the new South. With only 24 hours to work with, we hit the town and discovered #places and #pleasures.

Homebase: The Westin Peachtree Plaza

While there are many great choices for a home base in Atlanta, the Westin Peachtree Plaza was our number one choice. It's one of downtown Atlanta's  most iconic landmarks rising 73 floors above the heart of the city. It featured world-class service, superb amenities, and an unparalleled location plus it was steps away from all of the major attractions including the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola to Philips Arena, Centennial Olympic Park, and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Happy Hour and Sunset: The Sundial Restaurant

Atlanta Sundial Restaurant Influence Magazine Visit
The Sundial Restaurant on the 73rd Floor of the Westin Peachtree Plaza is a must see. We set our alarms to be sure we didn't miss the sunset from the incredible Sun Dial Restaurant - and we weren't disappointed. We soaked in unparalleled, 360-degree views from the 73rd floor, enjoying a cold cocktail and salad. The server heard about our re-routing adventure and gifted us with two wrapped Sundial bar glasses. Nice!

Local Coffee Crush: 200 Peachtree

‍When work and play collide we go in search of a local coffee shop that's close to our homebase and makes us smile. We found a real #localgem steps from the Westin at 200 Peachtree. You step off of the main street and into a little piece of Paris and happily the espresso and warm pastries were as delightful as the decor!

Urban Escape into Nature: Atlanta Botanical Gardens

To say that I was smitten with the Atlanta Botanical Gardens would be an understatement. This innovative, brave and outstanding Garden romanced me at every turn. From the blown glass pieces woven into the gardenscape to the decorative metalwork, this Garden hit all the right notes. The treetop canopy walk was unlike anything I'd seen in a garden and it made me take pause to thank the visionaries who broke out of the "same old, same old" to build an industrial piece of art in the middle of the forest!

Southern BBQ: DBA Barbeque

‍In every southern city I visit, there's a pride in BBQ. For that reason I searched out reviews to find what locals consider Atlanta's best. This review in the Atlanta Journal, convinced me to head to DBA BBQ so instead of waxing on in my own words, I'll share the ones that got me in front of the best BBQ sandwich ever!
"Sometimes you just have to go all in. Throw caution to wind, if you will. When it comes to that, there's only one BBQ sandwich that comes to mind. It's found in the Virginia Highland BBQ spot, DBA BBQ. The beast of a sandwich is called the Archie Bunker. This delicious monster of a sandwich is smoked pulled pork on Texas Toast, topped with mac and cheese, sweet BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese. You can add bacon for $2. Do yourself the favor, you're almost to Nirvana, get the bacon!"

Nosh to your heart's content in #ATL: The Best of Atlanta

‍Because we only had 24 hours we could only experience so much of Atlanta so instead of leaving everyone guessing at where to eat, I'm sharing this incredible article by the fantastic people at Atlanta Magazine. Atlanta Magazine Best Restaurants Enjoy!

Worthy Mention: Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours

Time ran out on our Atlanta visit but if we had one more dinner, this would have been our go to spot!

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Atlanta, Georgia

Southern charm with an enegetic, hipster charm. A walkable downtown and emerging neighbourhoods make this a Southern City to put on your bucket list~

At the very heart of it

Southern charm with an enegetic, hipster charm. A walkable downtown and emerging neighbourhoods make this a Southern City to put on your bucket list~

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