Multiple redundancy. Zero downtime. It's more than just lingo to Leo Ciambello.

October 23, 2017
Influence 100 Authorities
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I met Leo Ciambella a few years ago and have never forgotten his enthusiasm for his business and for his clients. When our editorial team was scouting for Authorities to consider for inclusion in our 100 Authority Issue his name came right to mind.

 Leo is a man who loves what he does and is an authority in the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) world. Speak to him and even the most tech-averse among us catch his enthusiasm and immediately understand why his company, Netrium, is growing at such a rapid pace.  

 Our focus at Influence Magazine is to boldly celebrate brilliance and in this Spotlight Feature on Leo, we shine our light brightly so you can get to know the story behind his incredible success.

Sharon Ricci


Netrium Networks is projected to grow substantially and consistently over the next decade. Its success is based on delivering flexible, high performance MPLS networks that deliver 100% network uptime at a lower cost. This is a compelling offer when big industry competitors like Rogers, Telus and Bell only offer one size fits all solutions that don’t fit many company’s unique needs.

The biggest driver behind Netrium Networks growth is the drive, passion and in-depth knowledge of the CEO,  Leo Ciambella.


We asked Leo why he does the work he does and why he built Netrium. 

His reply centered on his love of working with customers to create customized MPLS networks and the holy grail of business: 100% network uptime.

Leo speaks passionately about building his company from startup mode 7 years ago to being a high growth, $10M company today. He’s passionate about building a team and working alongside his clients and suppliers.

Talking to Leo you get the sense that he’s turning traditional industry thinking on its head. Instead of the client fitting into the network provider’s solution he believes the solution should fit the client. In place of off the shelf solutions Netrium Networks offers custom solutions that fit perfectly.

Leo describes his personal and engaged process of working with clients. First, Leo listens to the client to get a complete picture of the network requirements. Then he visualizes a solution picking and choosing the network options at his disposal. He picks fiber here, cable there and so on. Netrium has the unique advantage of having all standard network providers in their toolbox so they can build and manage a best of breed solution.

According to Leo, every Netrium solution is unique but there is one common denominator: Each offers more than one network. It’s his multi-carrier network approach that creates flexibility, low cost and 100% uptime.

It's Netrium's 100% uptime that had our team dubbing Leo the man who denies downtime. 

It’s this kind of thinking and creative solution building that has Netrium Networks and Leo Ciambella looking very brightly toward the future.


About Netrium

Netrium is the leading multi-carrier provider of private MPLS networks that connect the offices of multi-site corporations across Canada and Internationally for data, voice, and video applications.

The large Telecom carriers have created extensive wide-area networks and coverage with fiber, copper, cable, and wireless infrastructure. But their network MPLS solutions are subject to high prices, low flexibility, and slow response times.

​As an alternative to dealing directly with the large carriers, Netrium Networks make it easy by managing and monitoring the carriers for you, while reducing your costs, customizing your network as per your requirements, and enhancing support.


To contact Leo Ciambella:


Phone: 514.447.2060

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