Leave Your Wallet At Home, A New Technology Allows You To Pay With Your Face!

January 24, 2019
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Technology created by Face++, a Chinese startup valued at approximately one billion dollars, allows people to use facial recognition to pay for goods and services. In China, where facial recognition technology is more socially accepted in the pursuit of surveillance and convenience, mobile payment apps such as Alipay are popularly used. In fact, it is estimated that 120 million people in China currently use Alipay to pay for groceries, bills and other daily fees. Another app, called UCAR, has changed the transportation business using Face++'s ingenious technology; the app is similar to Uber, but offers further security and safety for customers (solving issues of fraud).

It is difficult to determine whether or not this technology would ever be widely accepted in North America. What are your thoughts? Would you trade your privacy for convenience?

A more in depth look at Face++ can be found here.

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