Deaf on Ice. How Anthony Rumolo gets hockey right and turns up the volume for a community.

April 19, 2018
Influence 100 Authorities
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Anthony Rumolo earned his place on our 100 Authority List for his dedication and advocacy of deaf athletes on the ice. As a founder of the Ontario Deaf Hockey Association he's actively pursuing opportunities, understanding and interest in deaf players at all levels of play.

A recent graduate of the Yorkville University Business Administration program Anthony works at WestJet and is the press officer for the Canadian Deaf Hockey Federation for the Buffalo World Championships this coming April.


Sharon Ricci


His gift in his words

Being able to accept that I have a hearing loss and wasn't going to let anything stop me from doing the things I love.


Life lesson

To be able to learn how to breathe deeply, cry, laugh, be happy, love and fall in love over and over again, be adventurous, break barriers, smile, observe others joy, be sad, be curious.

Message to 20 year self

Your ability will determine the success of your outcome. Your disability shoud not determine their belief of the outcome.

Words to describe Anthony

Inspiring, motivated, can-do attitude, outgoing, big dreamer.

Where he would you pick to live

Iceland or Halifax.

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