Year of Authority

We believe in stories and their power to connect people which is why we're focused on sharing 100 stories of Authority this year. Enjoy.

At Influence Magazine we have declared 2017 to be our Year of Authority. For 12 months we will be featuring entrepreneurs and business professionals who have the expertise, vision and guts to be considered authorities and experts in their industry and community.

To launch our Year of Authority we're kicking off our Top 100 Authority issue with two experts from very different parts of the world.

Early in 2017 you'll be introduced to Danny Khursigara, a Hong Kong Executive Coach and best-selling author who works with professionals to help them live their purpose and to identify their calling and next steps. In his in-depth interview Danny shares his vision and the personal story of not only what he does but why he does it. The one question you'll be asking yourself after reading his feature is "Am I living my purpose and is what I'm doing bringing me joy?".

We will also be launching a spotlight on Kristina Brevard, a driven and energetic professional working with the Denton County Transportation Agency in Texas. Kristina earned her way on to our list for her determination, team work and ability to get things done in the lone star state when it comes to creating transit options that Texans are willing to get out of their trucks for. In our Editor's Spotlight on Kristina you'll get to know Kristina's professional goals, the lessons she's learned and the personal story behind her success.

At Influence Magazine we hold ourselves to one goal and that is to BOLDLY CELEBRATE BRILLIANCE. We find brilliance everywhere we go, in cities in North America and beyond, in professionals at the top of their game and in startups that are just beginning to scratch the surface of their potential.

If you'd like to catch each of our Top 100 Authority features subscribe and we will send you each feature as it goes live. You can consider it your dose of inspiration delivered right to your inbox. Visit to subscribe so you don't miss a single feature.

2017. The Year of Authority. We can't wait to share the human story behind the business success and to inspire you along the way!

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