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Ty Polastri: Named Influence 100 Authority

In Lake Tahoe, Ty is putting biking and tourism into high gear.

Ty Polastri, President and Founder of Team Tahoe and Entersport named Influence Magazine 100 Authority


Ty Polastri is a marketing professional who combines his ecology education with strategic business practices to affect market change, develop products and programs, and produce results for his clients and his own entrepreneurial efforts. He specializes in using active lifestyle activities as a platform to “brandstand” his clients’ products, connect with consumers experientially, and foster incremental sales.

As founder/president of Team Tahoe, a nonprofit corporation, Ty is preparing to launch a three-year regional marketing initiative called “Transforming the Destination Ecosystem”. The initiative is a “triple bottom line” approach helping mitigate environmental issues, stimulate the economy, and foster regional community building in the Lake Tahoe area. Using a sport marketing strategy, with multi-channel marketing tactics, Ty rides the momentum of the increasing popularity of bicycling, locally and worldwide, with a campaign called “Tahoe Bike Love”. The campaign drives target consumers to participating businesses who have met specific Bike Love criteria. According to Ty:

“It’s not really about the bicycle, but when a community accommodates for the bicycle, it send a strong message to its residents and visitors that it cares about their well-being and the well-being of the environment”.

Ty continues to explain that a “destination ecosystem” is the dynamic interactions among people, environment and commerce in a tourist-based economy. It is about how people engage, share, and experience place together. When a “destination ecosystem” thrives, it means people have developed patterns of behavior – or culture – that streamline the flow of and best practices for communication, commerce, and environmental stewardship throughout the system. This mindset is significant because it points to a profound shift of focus on how inter-dependent actions among businesses, residents and visitors can make a substantial difference – like building a thriving, authentic and sustainable destination marketplace.

Ty is also the owner of ENTERSPORT, a lifestyle marketing and publicity company that has a long history of developing and producing innovative products and programs. Some of these include indoor ski training centers, television series, national sporting association and tour, bicycle advocacy organization, personal mastery institute, international snowboard company, snow skiing simulators, university marketing curriculum, sales promotions, special events, and business-to-business promotional campaigns.



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