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Terry O'Reilly makes a good point: Real Estate could be the next industry to get ubered

Real Estate Companies and Real Estate Agents have been doing the same old same old for decades. Are they about to get disrupted?

I came across this podcast a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to share it. In a world where things are changing faster than ever no industry is safe from disruption. Terry O'Reilly, in his always inspiring and entertaining podcast, outlines why he thinks Real Estate may be the next industry to be "ubered". Here's a quick excerpt from his Summer Series of Under the Influence radio ...

Real Estate marketing is a world unto itself...

It has its own rules, it has its own techniques and it has its own unique breed of salespeople.

It's a form of marketing that touches all of us and it usually involves the biggest purchase of our lives.

Real estate marketing has been around since the mid-1800s and a lot has changed. But one thing hasn't.

It's all about selling the dream.

Read Terry O'Reilly's full article or listen to the podcast ..

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