We want to interview you as a subject expert.

An Influence interview celebrates you and adds a powerful layer of authority behind your subject expert status.

Influence invites you to be Interviewed and showcased Through our Influence Program.

  • Being recognized as a subject expert requires endorsement and publicity on different platforms
  • An Influence interview is more proof of your expert status and a deserved feather in your cap
  • The Influence Program gives you two options for interview lengths: A Showcase and a Spotlight
  • Both options give you a new platform for sharing your vision and story, a new reason to contact clients, fans and prospects
  • Our Success Team gives you everything you need to get your Influence interview in front of the people who count most: Your own list
  • There is a symbolic fee to the Influence program
Influence Program Options:

Influence 100 Showcase: Gain subject expert traction to close more business and book more speaking engagements. With a Showcase page you become an Influence 100 and we publish your biography on a customized page including a book summary (if applicable) and links to your website and contact info. $125

Influence 100 Spotlight: Make a powerful statement after a book or new business offering launch with an Influence Editor's Spotlight. This in-depth interview includes a 30 minute, 1:1 interview with our Editor in Chief and a fully customized Spotlight page that is professionally keyworded for Google search. Full endorsement, full story. Best for professionals who are looking to breakthrough with speaking engagements and more business. $1,299

As part of the Influence program, your Showcase or Spotlight will be:

– Featured on the Influence Magazine “home” page
– Sent to major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
– PLUS you'll receive our "As Seen In" Influence badge and Quick Start Guide to making the most of your Influence endorsement

About Distribution:

Influence is endorsement/authority marketing. We create your Showcase or Spotlight page, professionally optimize it for Google ranking and give you everything you need to promote your article to the only people who count: Your clients, fans and prospects. We do not distribute your article to a generic audience.

Get started with the Influence Program by emailing our Success Team:

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