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Cheryl Duffy named Influence Magazine 100 Authority

Author of the best seller “The Divorce Tango”and CDC Certified Divorce Coach®


Cheryl Duffy, Author of the best seller “The Divorce Tango” and a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

From a senior role in a Global IT company driving transformation programs across Asia Pacific, Cheryl was struck with the hardest change she ever had to manage ……… her divorce and rebuilding her life.

It took Cheryl 8 years to move on from her divorce as she was emotionally paralyzed, self-sabotaging, fueling self-loathing, and living in fear of being hurt again.

She was in limbo. She couldn’t go back to her old life but couldn’t move forward either.

Through letting go of her old life, focusing on her strengths, adopting a positive mindset, and evolving into a stronger, newer version of herself….her life is now more amazing than ever before!

As a Certified Divorce Coach Cheryl has earned her place as an Influence 100 Authority for her help with……

1. People overwhelmed on where to start on their Divorce Journey empowering them through Divorce & Beyond

2. People struggling to let go of their old life to move on and build the life they deserve

3. Executives avoiding divorce by creating work/life balance to reconnect with their families


The Divorce Tango Book

The Divorce Tango outlines Cheryl's journey, interviews with other divorcees, interviews with lawyers, psychologists and counsellors. A culmination of challenges and advice for those embarking on divorce.

The book will help you gain insights about the divorce journey that will help you move towards creating a happy future. 

o What to do when your world falls apart

o Understanding the emotional cycle of grief

o Gaining financial stability

o Managing family impact

o Understanding divorce from a child's perspective

o Helpful advice from the case studies and the experiences of others in similar situations

o Rebuild self-confidence and self-worth

o Advice from professional experts

o Knowing when you are ready to move on

o Create a happy life, even after divorce




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