About Influence Magazine

Influence Magazine is a dynamic digital curation of both snapshot and in-depth interviews focused on the story behind the business success. Our editorial team is passionate about boldly celebrating brilliance and shining the spotlight on both the well-known and the should-be-known business professionals and entrepreneurs who make up the business scene all across the world.

Our team, led by the indomitable Editor-in-Chief, Sharon Ricci believes in the power of stories. To share our love of entrepreneurs and of stories, we've built a stage for our favorites. Within our online issues you're as likely to meet an incredible dentist as you are to meet a best-selling author and world class business coach within our online issues.

The Influence Magazine Scout Team discovers the people behind the success and then gives our readers either a snapshot or an in-depth picture of what makes them tick and why they do what they do.  Everywhere our Influence Scout Team looks they meet passionate business owners and entrepreneurs with personal stories as different as the businesses themselves.  

Influence Magazine is owned wholly by The Influence Factor, a Digital Publishing Agency with its homebase in The Ambitious City, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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